Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Poisonous Cucumbers

I had a delicious ham sandwich with salad for lunch today. It was only after I had eaten the full sandwich that a bit of cucumber fell out, did I realize that I had eaten about half a cucumber in my sandwich. I was worried for the rest of the day, as I walked around feeling a slight pain in my tummy. But, it is now late evening and everything is fine. Read about the Killer Cucumbers at the link given below:http://uk.news.yahoo.com/spain-deny-blame-e-coli-cucumbers-kill-14-085934232.html

Environmental Awareness on Squidoo

The environment and ecology of our planet is something we all take for granted. I have always had a keen interest in the environment, which led me to do a degree course in environment and ecology a few years ago.
When I discovered Squidoo and the ease with which I could create sites, called lens on Squidoo, I decided to make a lens on the environment. This was just one powerful way to present the importance of our environment in the form of a Debate. I have succeeded in getting my message across, as you will notice at the people who have taken part in this debate on my squidoo lens.

 We all remember the great anglo-indian writer Rudyard Kipling’s world famous “Jungle Book”, which was immortalized by Disney as a movie and which is now a literary classic. I have created a tribute Squidoo lens to Rudyard Kipling who was an ecologist at heart. Kipling wrote such great stories, while using the powerful imagery of the jungle and village environment of Colonial India as a backdrop for his stories. I now present to you, the Rudyard Kipling tribute lens on Squidoo. Enjoy!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Cheetah Conservation Fund

Greenland, the Newest Nation on Earth

Greenland is poised to soon become the newest nation on Earth – the first to achieve sovereignty because of climate change, melting ice allowing for increased access to oil and mineral resources that will generate revenues to run the country and finalize independence from Denmark.http://earthjustice.org/blog/2011-may/melting-of-greenland-a-warning-for-the-planet