Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Truth About Recycling

The Truth about Recycling is that we all do not recycle everything. This is largely due to the fact that we do not have all the right equipment to do our own recycling at home and at the work place. It may take a few more years before society is fully prepared to do recycling on a global level. At present the level of recycling which is being carried out worldwide is not enough to make a clear mark and change in our ecology and environment.

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Friday, 2 July 2010

Greenpeace Heathrow Airplot Certificate


View The GreenPeace Airplot Certificate

Well here it is - your certificate of Beneficial Ownership of the Airplot, the strip of land on the site of the proposed 3rd runway which helped us to stop the expansion of Heathrow airport. It was an amazing campaign which mobilised a large cross-section of civil society in a united effort to tackle climate change and pollution, and you played a blinder for us, so please give yourself a huge pat on the back.
What happens next?
First, we'd like to invite you to the 3rd Runway victory party which will be held in Sipson village (now saved from demolition) at the end of August. The villagers are keen to celebrate with everyone who helped to protect their homes from the bulldozers, so you'd be very welcome. The exact date is still to be finalised, but we'll let you know in good time when the plans are confirmed.
As far as the campaign is concerned, we've won a great victory but with over 20 other airport expansion proposals across the country still to be decided, there remains a lot to do.
We're keeping an eye on the most imminent decisions, such as those at Bristol and Lydd, and putting pressure on the government to reject the expansion plans. We'll let you know as soon as there's anything you can do to help. In the meantime however, it would be great if you could email your MP, asking them to call on the new coalition government to make sure aviation and transport policy are brought properly into line with the climate change act.

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

No One Really Cares About the Environment Today!

Join the Environmental Debate on Squidoo Today and Have Your Say!

"No One Really Cares About the Environment Today"

Are you serious about saving the Environment?
Have your say on saving the environment today or hold your peace always.
Are you brave enough to say exactly what you feel about environment conservation?

Welcome to Green Guardians Unite!

Our wealth and the basis of our life is the gift which is provided to us by our planet Earth. Our Creator has given each and every one of us a small area of this nourishing planet which we can call home.We need to take care of our home and of our Mother Earth.

Saving the planet and taking care of our Earth is a responsibility which we all carry on our mortal shoulders. Each individual on this living planet needs to take time every morning to count our blessing for having the privilege of living on this wonderful world we call our earthly home.

In this the 21st century, the environment and ecological care and protection have reached centre-stage and now mankind realizes that we have the power and the responsibility to take care of our green and blue world.
There can never be enough done to save our planet and our environment. We all need to be constantly reminded that the preservation of our environment for future generations lies in our hands today.
Start saving the planet today and join the increasing brigade of Earth's Green Guardians! We can Save Earth Tomorrow, when Green Guardians Unite Today!