Saturday, 3 March 2012

Into Eternity-Saving Our Planet

INTO ETERNITY is a multi award-winning documentary film about long-term safety issues in nuclear energy production by Michael Madsen, Director of Into Eternity. The film is set at ’Onkalo’ the world’s first permanent storage site for nuclear waste, which is under construction in Finland. However, all countries with nuclear energy facilities have to deal with nuclear waste for at least 100 000 years.
With the Fukushima disaster, Japan now has additional nuclear waste. Onkalo is an underground facility, but Fukushima is above ground, vulnerable to natural disasters, war, and economic crisis. The reactors, that suffered full or partial meltdown, will have to be permanently controlled and maintained for millenia on end.

Buy the Film and inform the world about this great documentary about the long-term safety issues in nuclear energy production.

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